Equality Knowledge Centre

The knowledge centre includes:

A guide to the Equalities Act 2010

An introduction explaining the background to the Act and the broad details of its provisions.

The Supplier's guide to Equality

A document in PDF format, concentrating on the implications for suppliers to the public and private sectors.  The document is an overview of your responsibilities under the 2010 Act.

Public Procurement guide to Equality

"The Government's view is that the public sector has an important opportunity to use its purchasing power to promote equality".   This PDF guide - aimed at public sector procurement departments - details the steps that public sector departments should take with regard to their own suppliers.

Links page

Links to other organisations and bodies working in the Equality and Diversity fields;  also details of the relevant acts.

Press releases

C2E issue regular press releases concerning developments in Equality:   keynote political speeches, changes in legislation etc.  Our latest releases are here.