The Equality Register

The Equality Register is managed through the Association of Equality Scheme Providers (AESP) to provide up to date information on an organisation’s equality status. The Equality Register is in the Public domain and can be accessed online. Click to link to The Equality Register

The Equality Register: an overview

  • The Equality Register supports and enables the goals embedded in the Equality Act to be implemented
  • Enables reporting of Equality information to be transparent
  • Holds and makes up to date and verified Equality Information available
  • Empowers public sector procurement and simplifies the challenges of managing equality for them and their suppliers
  • Supports a sustainable Equality framework
  • Enables individual organisations to take responsibility for their own equality management
  • Enables Equality Management practices to be made easier
  • The Equality Register is available online.

Steps to an organisation's Equality Status

  1. All organisations complete a basic registration
  2. They may need to submit evidence of equality policies and practices if they win a Public Tender or Contract
  3. Verification of evidence would be required
  4. Working towards accreditation
  5. Accreditation

Outcomes and responsibilities

  • The Equality Register enables outcomes, trends and changes to be measured and reported to and by public bodies
  • It also helps suppliers to meet their contractual equality responsibilities

Equality Management

  • Managing equality is made simple; by allowing each organisation to take responsibility for its own equality management (meeting any contractual equality responsibilities by achieving its required equality status)

National Equality Framework

  • Recognise what needs to be managed, what should be managed and what can be managed
  • Minimise the administrative load and maximise impact on all
  • Fast, clear and easy to operate
  • Information to measure progress and change
  • Sustainable and helps avoid the many pitfalls of equality policing
  • Lower cost and less bureaucracy

Download the AESP National Equality Framework (pdf)
Click to link to The Equality Register

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