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C2E Mission Statement

Our vision is for all organisations in the UK, regardless of size, sector or profile to fully embrace good working equality practices and profit from the manifold benefits to be had from employing fairly for their organisation, their employees and the community.

C2E Delivery Charter

Committed2Equality is a National Equality Standard, designed for organisations to enable them to reach their equality potential and demonstrate their equality and diversity working practices. The Committed2Equality Standard validates actions and engages with organisations helping to build knowledge and a greater understanding of equality and diversity issues in the workplace and in community.

In attaining the Committed2Equality Standard, achieving equality at work and improving competitive advantage, organisations are supported by C2E's Delivery Network providing the value added proposition, knowledge and expertise. C2E further assists organisations to meet their inclusion goals through partnerships and by engagement with other equality bodies.

  1. C2E and its Delivery Network provides accurate and current equality and diversity guidance
  2. C2E informs organisations of their legal duties and helps them understand their equality and diversity obligations
  3. C2E will make organisations aware that they have choices of the methods with which to provide acceptable evidence of their equality and diversity practices
  4. C2E will support organisations to meet the contractual requirements of Public Bodies, Local Authorities and Central Government and will verify compliance with their equality and diversity duties as suppliers
  5. C2E will support organisations in building the skills necessary to manage their equality and diversity practices in a responsible manner
  6. The C2E Standard and Accreditation demonstrates and evidences organisation's equality and diversity practices
  7. C2E is a Founder Member of The Association of Equality Scheme Providers (AESP) and subscribes to the AESP Code of Conduct

Allan Bouglas C2E

Committed 2 Equality

Committed 2 Equality is a not for profit organisation, working through its licensed Equality Partners.

Equality is a valuable asset to every business. C2E believes that Good Equality Working Practices are at the heart of a fair and equal society.

With equal emphasis on equality standard delivery and as a lobbying organisation, C2E has earned the respect and support of leading academics, business and government leaders, primary influencers, agencies, associations and organisations, forging excellent links and strategic alliances in the UK and Europe.

Our aim is quite simple - to support and assist businesses to embed good equality practice into their organisations, by means of achieving an accredited equality standard, and by monitoring their actions as they strive for continuous improvement. The proven benefits to business the individual and to the community are manifold, and as the Standard evolves in line with legislative changes, clients are assured of the most recent and relevant equality - related business advice.

Equality is important to current and prospective employees, suppliers and customers; it is particularly significant to Public Bodies, who are aware that suppliers with proven good equality practices are important to them.

The achievement of the C2E Diversity Assured Equality Standard verifies that an organisation's equality practices comply with public sector contractual and statutory duties.

C2E are responsible for the management and maintenance of the Diversity Assured Equality Standard and the review, accreditation and certification of organisations.

The Committed2Equality & Diversity Assured Accreditation Programme (C2E) is endorsed by SFEDI


SFEDI Awards warrants that the Endorsed Provision has been through the SFEDI Endorsement Process and meets the SFEDI Endorsement Criteria and is thus eligible to claim SFEDI endorsement.